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Working on some new abstract pieces. 👨?


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Progress shot of a new mural I’ve been w


With a distinct passion and ability for art from a young age, it has only really been since 2018 that this passion really turned into something greater. Producing high quality artwork and designs as small side projects soon began to turn into larger scale ones.

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From painting at home as a hobby, he has collaborated with brands such as Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey and currently has paintings hanging in Dublin, LA, London, Amsterdam, San Diego, Cork, Aberdeen, Galway, Manchester, Santa Monica and Donegal. 
More recently producing large scale murals in The Button Factory, KERB and Longitude music festival, things only seem to be getting bigger.

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Being quite heavily influenced by street art, Garlic Designs tend to use predominantely black, white and greys with bold strokes, dashes and splashes of colour.

With an unquenchable desire for improvement as an artist, painting unfamiliar subjects such as horses, buildings and floral patterns have been undertaken to explore new styles and techniques. But with a long time passion for sports and music, these can often create the subject for many signature pieces of works.

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